Monday, June 24, 2013

3 attractions you must not miss in Sharjah

Sharjah is fast turning out to be a major holiday destination. Safely nestled in the heart of UAE, this town has some quirky and diverse attractions to enslave and becharm its hoard of visitors. If this is your maiden trip to Sharjah, then here are some attractions you must not miss out on:

Science Museum: The Science Museum is a top attraction and appeals to every kind of tourist. It is a must-visit site for a young student or a child. So, if you are traveling with your kids, then this museum should definitely be within your itinerary.

Science Museum

Sharjah Stadium: Cricket is a popular sport in Asia, and this town has one of the finest cricket grounds in the world. It is at the Sharjah Stadium that one of the finest batting knocks was played by one Sachin Tendulkar against the Australians way back in 1998. During the course of that historic knock, a desert storm had invaded the stadium and the match had to be halted for a few minutes. That innings by Tendulkar is, hence, best described as the ‘sandstorm innings’.

Sharjah Stadium

Sharjah Archaeology Museum: At this museum, anyone who has an interest in history or a passion for archaeology would find joy. A number of items which have been dug out are put on exhibition at this place. The galleries are long and huge. The collections are quite interesting and eclectic. It is not the best museum in the world, but is definitely worth a visit.

Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Most of these attractions are present around the top hotels of the town. For a Sharjah hotel booking, you can bank on the experience and expertise of a travel agent or a professional holiday planner.


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