Monday, June 4, 2012

Angkor Wat this week visitors are constantly increased

Angkor Wat In combodia
At Earlier this week visitors are considerably increased to 45% to visit historical Angkor Wat during the first quarter of the year. This was reported by local tourism department.

Due to the time of quoting January to March data, the department supposed the counts of visitors are 639,800 international tourists toured the temple complex.

South Koreans leading member of visitors in the field with 132,750 visits improving 67% over the same quarter in 2011.

The third place goes to great China with an annual increase of 49,231 visits, its representing an increase of 54%.

Angkor Wat In combodia
Vietnam tourists followed in second place with 75,088 visits, an annual increase of 15%.

Angkor Wat In combodia
The local tourism department administration chief, Chhoeuy Chhorn, said: “South Korea and China visitors are holding the increased visitors due to broader promotions in those markets and an increase in flights.”

Angkor Wat In combodia
Angkor Wat entry fees start at US$20 for international visitors per day, US$40 for a 3-day visit, and US$60 for the whole week. How the income is exhausted and what percentage is till back into helping the local department economy is wearing a veil in secrecy.

Angkor Wat In combodia
In year of 2011, the temples are attracted 1.6 million other countries visitors, an increase of 23% only. All visitors had to pay a lowest amount of US$20 to tour complex providing an uneven estimate of the gate value for the company that handles the business.

The Angkor wat archaeological park is the Cambodia’s largest cultural tourism destination located 315 km from the capital Phnom Penh.

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