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10 surprisingly cheap European cities

10 surprisingly cheap European cities


prague cheap vacation place

Regardless of its reputation, this thousand-year-old city is one of Europe's more inexpensive destinations. According to our sister site TripAdvisor's TripIndex, Prague is the 20th-most reasonably priced world end.


dublin cheap vacation places

It's as simple to find a reasonably priced hotel in Dublin as it is to come across a good foamy pint. Failte Ireland features a compilation of two-night minibreaks, which comprise accommodations and breakfast for two people, starting at €75 per person (about $94 USD) at a range of local hotels and B&Bs.


warsaw cheap vacation places

True to form, your dollars will usually go further in Eastern European cities than they would on the western side of the continent.


rome cheap vacation places

Rome is one of the most visited places in Europe, yet—different Paris or London—the city is an amazingly budget-friendly holiday spot.


Lisbon cheap vacation placaes

Portugal is, in general, a less luxurious place to visit than adjacent Spain. The country's capital city, Lisbon, is no omission, yet it offers sufficient attractions on par with top European spots.


budapest cheap vacation places

According to TripAdvisor's annual TripIndex survey, a assessment of prices for accommodations and activities in cities, Budapest is the most reasonably priced city for U.S. travelers in all of Europe.


Birmingham cheap vacation places

London is the priciest city in the world for U.S. travelers, at slightest for now. With the 2012 Summer Olympics taking place in the British capital this season, prices have risen sharply—and that's putting it mildly.


Berlin cheap vacation places

On the Hotel Price Index, Berlin is ranked as one of the most reasonably priced cities for luxury hotels in the world. (The average price of a luxury hotel in Berlin in 2011: $198 per night.)

Brussels cheap vacation places

Like Warsaw, Brussels is one of the best cities in Europe for result high-end properties at reasonably priced prices. It ranked seventh on the Hotel Price Index from Hotels.com for low-priced luxury.

Vienna cheap vacation place

Although Austria isn't recognized for being easy on the wallet, past Vienna can be visited on the cheap, particularly if you go the package route.

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