Tuesday, July 24, 2012

America's emptiest cities 2012

1. Orlando, Fla. 

America's emptiest cities

Rental vacancy rate: 18.8%
Homeowner vacancy rate: 2.2%

The emptiest city in the United States is Orlando, Fla. The 12-month standard for rental vacancies stands at a astounding 18.8 percent, while in the first quarter of 2012 this number was 22 percent, maximum in the nation.

2. Dayton, Ohio

America's emptiest cities

Rental vacancy rate: 11.3%
Homeowner vacancy rate: 5.4%

The good news is that Dayton's homeowner vacancy rate has been trending descending since its max out in the third quarter of 2011, when it stood at 6.5 percent.

3. Memphis, Tenn.

America's emptiest cities

Rental vacancy rate: 15%
Homeowner vacancy rate: 3.1%

Memphis' amount of vacant homes, both owned and rentals, puts it third overall, thanks to an usual rental vacancy rate of 15 percent that is the fifth uppermost in the nation and the 3.1 percent landowner vacancy rate that ranks 13th.

4. Detroit

America's emptiest cities

Rental vacancy rate: 16.9%
Homeowner vacancy rate: 1.7%

Detroit was one of the hardest-hit cities in the depression, and with a joblessness rate of 9.9 percent as of May, it's little speculate that its 16.9 percent rental vacancy rate is the second highest in the country.

5. Richmond, Va.

America's emptiest cities

12-Month Averages:
Rental vacancy rate: 15.1%
Homeowner vacancy rate: 2.4%

With a letting vacancy rate of 15.1 percent, Virginia's capital ranks fourth in the midst of all major U.S. cities for unfilled rentals over the past year, with the first quarter of 2012 showing a 19 percent rental vacancy rate.


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