Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cheapest Places to Live in the U.S.

Harlingen, Tex.

United State Cheapest Place

The town with the nation's lowest cost of living is Harlingen, Tex., situated in the state's southernmost tip and with a populace of 74,950. The after-tax cost to maintain a standard of living enjoyed by the usual company manager or other professional is generally 17 percent lower than the national average.

Memphis, Tenn.

United State Cheapest Place

Boasting a rich musical heritage, Memphis, Tenn., has a month-long fiesta each year called "Memphis in May" that attracts visitors from approximately the world. The standard cost of a home here is $180,375, while the average two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment rents for $726 a month.

McAllen, Tex.

United State Cheapest Place

The standard cost of a home in McAllen, Tex., the third-least luxurious community in the country, is $178,000, while a two-bedroom/two-bath apartment rents for $708. The cost of living in McAllen, populace of 130,831, is 16.2 percent cheaper than the national average.

Fayetteville, Ark.

United State Cheapest Place

Forbes Magazine newly named Fayetteville, Ark., one of the best places in the U.S. for "businesses and careers." An added benefit? It's affordable. The usual home price is $228,200, and a two-bedroom/two-bath apartment goes for $543 per month. When food shopping, ground beef costs $3.22, and the average cost of a loaf of bread is $1.25.

Ardmore, Okla.

United State Cheapest Place

With a populace of approximately 35,000, Ardmore, Okla., serves as the main retail shopping area for a seven-county area in southern Oklahoma. The standard rent for a two-bedroom/two-bath apartment is $550 per month, and the average home is priced at $235,000.


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