Monday, July 9, 2012

Europe's 10 Prettiest Drives

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Ask Europhiles to name the continent most attractive drive, and odds are high that the Amalfi Coast will grab the most votes.

King Ludwig’s Castle Drive, Germany

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Snow-capped mountains, deep green forests, and farms so well-kept they look like photos on top of jigsaw puzzle boxes—the Bavarian Alps would be a great drive places even with no its mad, and sad, king, who built all those fairy story castles.

The Giant's Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

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Driving along the deep green and lovely northeast coast of Northern Ireland, you will begin to spot huge basalt columns rising out of the sea.

The Estoril Coast Drive and Sintra, Portugal

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Travel around Lisbon and then drive along the River Tejo Estuary to Estoril, a attractive resort on the Atlantic Ocean that is recognized as a playground for the rich and royal.

The Grand, Middle and Lower Corniches, France and Monaco

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Who can overlook the image of the little and beautiful Grace Kelly in "To Catch a Thief," zooming along the cliff-hugging Grand Corniche in a blue cabriolet adaptable, with the Mediterranean Sea far below?

The Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

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The Dingle Peninsula was breathtakingly good-looking, in a quiet way, even before film director David Lean resolute to build a little faux village there and film the 1970 runaway success movie "Ryan’s Daughter," starring Robert Mitchum and Sara Miles.

Bergen to Oslo, Norway

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Norway, with its very tall mountains, bluer-than-blue fjords, roaring waterfalls, evergreen-covered mountains and beautiful little villages complete with old-fashioned wooden stave churches.

A Highland Drive, Scotland

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Fly into Glasgow. Spend a little time look at this former industrial city, as well as a visit to The Burrell Collection for fine art, and a walk along the Mackintosh Trail to see buildings created by famed Glasgow architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Dali-esque Drive through Catalonia, Spain

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Wildly good-looking, independence-minded Catalonia very much prejudiced surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, who grew up there.

Southern Poland, from Krakow through the Tatra Mountains

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Fly into Krakow, the historic city that runaway bombing (but not the elimination of its Jews) during World War II.


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