Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exposed: The 10 most aggressive cities in India

No:1 New Delhi
aggressive cities in India
India's capital, New Delhi (with a score of 69.732) has come out the most competitive city in the country as per the India City Competitiveness Report-2012.

No:2 Faridabad
aggressive cities in India
"Faridabad, with its high growth has fundamentally enhanced in its ranking and holds the 29th spot.

No:3 Mumbai: 67.856
aggressive cities in India
The fifth edition of the India City Competitiveness Report is based on a model that has been traditional by celebrated management guru, Michael E. Porter, based at Harvard Business School.

No:4 Chennai: 62.323

aggressive cities in India
Concerning New Delhi, the report says the city has managed to make obvious a phenomenal growth over a period of time by balancing command and development in equal calculate.

No:5 Hyderabad: 61.782

aggressive cities in India
The report also says that Noida, one more city with close proximity to New Delhi, is now giving hard competition to the metros, even as Pune and Ahmedabad.

No:6 Kolkata: 61.464

aggressive cities in India
Amongst the smaller cities, while Coimbatore, Mysore, Madurai and Guwahati climbed up, Surat, Lucknow, Agra and Allahabad dropped in their rankings.

No:7 Gurgaon: 61.167

aggressive cities in India

"Certainly, Indian cities have the necessary possible to make their mark across the globe. This is clearly apparent with igh urbanization rate of these cities and by the trend of their growth," says the report.

No:8 Bengaluru: 61.100

aggressive cities in India
Porter's model is founded on four pillars -- the aspect conditions, require conditions, context for strategy and rivalry, and the quality of supporting and related industries.

No:9 Noida: 60.406

aggressive cities in India

"Cities are drivers of any economy. Their growth will enhance the growth of states and eventually that of the country.

No:10 Pune: 59.854
aggressive cities in India
When benchmarked globally, Indian cities have much to catch up. Delhi, which takes the top slot in the country, is benchmarked at 46.7

No: 11 Ahmedabad

aggressive cities in India
 Ahmedabad is ranked as India's 10th most competitive city as per the study.


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