Friday, July 27, 2012

World's high-potential cities

The Global Cities, a combined study performed by A.T. Kearney and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs calculated global engagement of cities across five dimensions: business movement, human capital, information exchange, civilizing experience, and political rendezvous.

No 1: Chinese

high-potential cities

In relation to the study, a thriving financial system, a rising middle class and infrastructure investments are likely to go on pushing Chinese cities toward a larger global presence.

No 2: Beijing

high-potential cities

As predictable, Beijing and Shanghai have the maximum strength scores in our analysis, and three other Chinese cities are grouped in a second tier of the report.

No 3: Indian

high-potential cities

Indian cities are also in the high-potential quadrant, other than they show a more balanced positioning of strengths and vulnerabilities.

No 4: Kolkata

high-potential cities

Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai are grouped near the centre of the chart depicting strengths and weakness of emerging cities. The chart has four quadrants: high-potential quadrant.

No 5: Delhi

high-potential cities

Indian cities may rise additional in prospect rankings, though not as quickly as Chinese cities, where the ease of doing business is civilizing rapidly.

No 6: Guangzhou 

high-potential cities

Of all emerging cities worldwide, those in China may be the most likely to move up in prospect rankings.

No 7: Chongqing

high-potential cities

One caution about China: as China improves its small-particle pollution reporting, the outlook for Chinese cities could be impacted.

No 8: Shenzhen

high-potential cities

Shenzhen (China) falls in high-potential cities - most likely to get better in global influence.

No 9: Bangalore

high-potential cities

Cities in the BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China are working their way to the top of the rankings at various paces.

No 10: Bogota

high-potential cities

'What has become obvious over the past few decades with the rise of global cities is that our geo-political future is not going to be strong-minded by the G2 combo of the US and China. It will be determined in good part through 20 or so tactical worldwide urban networks,' the report says.

No 11: Taipei

high-potential cities

Taipei is among the world's high-potential up-and-coming cities.

No 12: Dhaka

high-potential cities

According to the report, 'the world today is more about cities than countries, and a place like Seoul has more frequent with Singapore and Hong Kong than with small Korean cities.

No 13: Ho Chi Minh

high-potential cities

Ho Chi Minh is another city to watch out for in the future.


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