Monday, July 23, 2012

World's most colorful towns

Manarola, Italy

colorful towns

Manarola is the oldest of the Italian towns recognized as the Cinque Terre—the Five Lands along the country's northwestern coast that cling, lichen-like, to the rough rocks above the Ligurian Sea.

Jodhpur, India

colorful towns

That wash of blue on the possibility isn't a sunny sky.

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

colorful towns

From its humble early period as a slave resolution in the 16th century, Buenos Aires's La Boca district has become one of the capital's most ethnically diverse districts—and positively its most colorful.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

colorful towns

Scattered across the bleak lunar scene like a handful of candy drops, the barn-like homes in Ittoqqortoormiit (pronounced it-doc-cut-door-meet) lend a unexpected touch of domesticity to one of the world's most isolated regions.

San Francisco, California

colorful towns

Diverse and unashamedly peculiar, the City by the Bay wears its colors arrogantly, from the displays of richly embroidered cheongsamin Chinatown windows to the Seven Sisters, the eminent lineup of delicately-tinted Victorian homes on Alamo Square.

Willemstad, Curaçao

colorful towns

From a distance, Willemstad's waterfront looks absolutely illusory, like a doll city plunked down into the Caribbean.

Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

colorful towns

At Longyearbyen's autonomy, about the only warm things just about are the oxidized reds of many of this coal-mining town's homes.

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

colorful towns

Settled by the successor of African and South Asian slaves brought by the Dutch commencement in the 1500s, and subsequently influenced by the migration of Islam.

Gdańsk, Poland

colorful towns

A millennial city that wears its age conceitedly, Gdańsk has a dazzling collection of potted structures that tower above the cobbled streets of the Główne Miasto (Main Town).

Quiapo, Manila, Philippines

colorful towns

At the center of the Philippine capital, the market-rich district of Quiapo packs in a bewildering variety of artistic, cookery, and corporeal colors that makes the rest of Manila pale in comparison.


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