Thursday, April 11, 2013

Egypt travel: Top 7 restaurants in Cairo

Egypt travel

Best restaurant with Amazing delicious food is the choice of each & every people. Attraction of tourist is the Cairo, capital which is one of the best places in Egypt where all are spending their time up to maximum range. The numbers of restaurants are available in Cairo where amazing foods are serving and it is the place tourist comes day to day.

Make sure slip with following recommendations:

  1. Lai Thai: No doubt Lai Thai is the best place which is placed top position in list of restaurants. Its exterior and interior design is heavily furnished with attractive look. The food is so tasty and awesome one where your saliva comes out from mouth before taking the food.
  2. Aqua: Two reasons are behind while you visit this restaurant. Firstly, it is in Nile side. It is one of the places which are foodie’s paradise who would like to sink their food before soothing sight of the serene Nile. Secondly, seafood serves here where great delicious tasty and amazing food is here.
  3. About el Sid: After taking the bite of local cuisines Egypt trip will be fulfilled otherwise not. Well! Décor of food and ambience of restaurant is the high public demand. Otherwise your table will be empty and get empty hand with empty bill.
  4. Tamarai: Taste with your all kind of tasty buds like Chinese food, Western food at this famous restaurant. Besides, this restaurant is also the favorite haunt of some elite celebs and prominent figures. You can get the chance to meet with your lucky charm celebs Nile Tours.
  5. Al Azhar Chinese Restaurant: Heads up to this Chinese restaurant where if you will bore with local food then here you can get all sorts of favorite dishes during your Egypt trip.
  6. Bua Khao: Do you want to take delicious food at cheap rate then this restaurant is one of the best where you can get the treat like a prince (or princess). Always focus the inner part of every kind not the outer design show as like this restaurant its exterior design is not well but when the food places in front of you then it focuses on your eye.
  7. Arjeela: This restaurant presents the modern joints, place with great features in Egypt vacation packages. Enjoy by playing the card games and make your memorable dinner then have touch with tasty Lebanese cuisine in this restaurant.


  1. All point is great.Attraction of tourist is the Cairo, capital which is one of the best places in Egypt where all are spending their time up to maximum range.

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