Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All You Need to know About Accra Travel

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is a famous fishing port and harbor in West Africa. It is also a great beach destination frequented by tourists from Europe, U.S., Asia and other countries from across the world. With some important international airlines operating direct flights to Accra, reaching this West African coastal city is easy. You can always plan your vacation to Accra during any part of the year and look forward to book cheap tickets without much difficulty.

Accra is situated in the south-east of Ghana and is home to nearly 10 percent of the country’s population. The city has a tropical climate hovering between 21 and 31 degrees centigrade throughout the year. Before booking your flights to Accra, it is important that you consider the weather conditions beforehand. This will help you prepare accordingly for your travel. Humidity is high in Accra because of the tropical climate. If you have booked your air tickets for travel in April-June or September-October, you are likely to face two rainy seasons. However, the rainstorms during these months are typically short and sharp because of the city’s location in the drier equatorial cone. Though the region has two rainy seasons, but it receives slightly less rainfall.

When planning your vacation to Accra, take heed of some of the useful tips being provided here. These valuable tips would help you in preparing well and acquainting yourself with certain guidelines that would make your travel smooth and hassle free. Accra can be reached from almost any part of the world either through direct flights or connecting flights. When traveling from London, you may consider booking British Airways flights. There are other international airlines that conduct flights to Accra from different countries across the world.

As soon as Accra flights land at the Kotoka International Airport, you just might get overwhelmed by clamor and activities here. It is the busiest airport in the country. You’ll be greeted with wide open spaces and welcoming people. Don’t be taken aback when somebody utters the word ‘Akwaaba’ while welcoming you. The word ‘Akwaaba’ means ‘Welcome’. This customary greeting is accompanied by a big smile. It is important to shake hands when you are meeting someone in Accra. If you are introduced to a group of people shake hands with the furthest to your right first and then proceed leftwards. The people in Accra strongly disapprove of the left hand for communication purposes. Waving or offering gifts with your left hand is a strict no-no. The official language in Ghana is English. However, you can also see people conversing with each other in Twi or Akan.

When packing for your travel, try carrying lightweight, natural fabrics as far as possible as they’ll keep you comfortable in the high humid conditions of Accra. Though, there are no dress restrictions here.

It is customary to offer tips to tour guides, porters, taxi drivers and waiters, according to their level of service.

These are some of the things that should be kept in mind when booking flights to Accra and embarking on a visit to this beautiful city in Ghana


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