Thursday, May 23, 2013

International Tourist Destinations Under Rs 50,000

If you are an Indian citizen hunting for some offshore destinations which wouldn’t cost you more than Rs 50,000, then there are a few good options before you. Here are 5 of the major international tourist places which can be visited even by budget-friendly tourists:

Thailand: Thailand is a south-east Asian country which is not very far from India. Hence, flight tariffs are quite modest (and you can get them at really throwaway prices if you travel during off seasons). This country is filled with some topnotch attractions like Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. For shopping and for beach sports, there is no country in the vicinity which can beat this place. One of the more recommended places to visit would be Chiang Mai. This town is still largely undiscovered and a stay at this place can be really cheap. It has temples, hills and ruins to offer. You can always get away to nearby cities at the drop of a hat.

Major Thailand attractions: Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Walking Street, Elephant Nature Park. Find more places to visit in Bangkok at

Colombo, Sri Lanka: The demand for Colombo holiday packages has catapulted to meteoric heights over the past couple of years. Sri Lanka is just a stone’s throw away from the Indian peninsula. Still, it has a unique personality and can make you drool with its montage of temples and its influential wildlife. Colombo is also gaining popularity due to its booming nightlife. With the help of good research or with professional assistance, you can find a very modest hotel. Thus, you can cover the trip easily within Rs 50,000. 

Major Colombo attractions: National Museum, Beira Lake, Town Hall, St. Lucia’s Cathedral

Egypt: Egypt holiday would have cost you around Rs 80,000 till a year or two back. But of late, the tourism in the country has taken a hit after the civil unrest movement and following the tragic hot air balloon accident. So, for someone whose income is limited, 2013 is being touted as the best year to tour the land of the pyramids. Traveling to Egypt within Rs 50,000 is now no longer a distant possibility. 

Major Egypt attractions: Great pyramid of Giza, sphinx, Nile, Luxor Temple, Egyptian Museum at Cairo, Aswan High Dam 

Turkey: Turkey trip can be negotiated without having to empty your bank balance. One of the more recommended places to visit would be Antalya. With mountains, beaches and waterfalls, Antalya could be that cheap paradise you were hankering for. Apart from its sunny beaches and natural locales, it is also noted for its architecture and some heart-rending historic landmarks. 

Major Turkey attractions: Temple of Artemis, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Mausoleum at Halicarnas, Great Palace of Constantine 

Greece: Just like Egypt, Greece too has been under a bit of weather, as far as its tourism is concerned. So, this is a great time for prospective travelers to head to this country and make the most of its beaches and architecture without crossing the budget line. Apart from Athens, which is undeniably the star attraction of the country, there are many other historic cities which should keep you gay and happy! 

Major Greece attractions: Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, Hellenic Parliament, Statue of Zeus at Olympus 

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