Friday, August 17, 2012

A Perfect Day in Paris

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Whether you jam pack your visit with civilization or merely savor the Parisian ambiance in asphalt road cafés, watching the world go by, you will find amazing for you in the city of Paris.

Famed for its cuisine, gorgeous architecture, art and romance, Paris is a city challenging to be seen. To get the good number out of your visit to the French capital, check out our Paris city guide.

Top five things to do in Paris

Galleries Lafayette Department Store

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The most famed and the most stunning of Parisian department stores, appointment it if just to awesome sight at the early-1900's stained glass cupola, confidential as a historic headstone, with incredible chandeliers and floors and floors of galleried balcony.

Arc de Triomphe

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A strange focus for a very large roundabout but that’s not what the Arc is all about. It’s worth taking a visit up to the presentation platform for a good view of the Champs Elysees. The best way to be grateful for the Arc and the wonderful Champs Elysees, said to be the world’s most gorgeous avenue, is to walk the boulevard taking in its graceful shops and eateries and enjoy the view at the Place de le Concorde, an Egyptian Obelisk, offering a stunning view.

Sacre Coeur

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Visit, if not for the view of the city beyond, then for the motivating walk up to this iconic landmark. The construction itself is very dark inside and not as easy on the eye as some of Paris’ other gems but it’s all about the impression of Montmartre, the buskers on the steps and of course, the view.

Cathedral of Notre Dame

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A masterwork of French gothic building, you cannot miss this eye-catching building. If you can, take the boat, as the come up to from the Seine is truly stunning. Visit early on on in the day when it is much quieter, the steps outer surface can get beautiful busy and noisy spoiling the peacefulness of inside.

Rodin Museum

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Not to be missed on a passive Sunday afternoon in summer, the pretty English-style Rose Gardens and shady trees offer the just right home for some of Rodin’s finest pieces of art, as well as his most famed 'The Thinker'.


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