Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Top 10 British cities to visit

British city to visit number 1: Chester

British cities

Anything relaxes, excites, or inspires you, Chester offers impressive for everyone. With its gorgeous Tudor and Victorian buildings, polished architecture, and historic heritage, this Roman city is steeped in motivating history from times gone by. Tourists can visit the Roman amphitheatre where many jousts and bear-baiting events took place centuries ago, or take a stroll around the prehistoric Chester Walls.

British city to visit number 2: London

British cities

With a enormous populace of around 7.5 million people and 25 million visitors a year, the bustling capital of England is by far one of the Brits' preferred cities. London is also home to many of Britain's iconic landmarks including Big Ben; The Tower of London; and the Queen's humble abode, Buckingham Palace.

British city to visit number 3: Liverpool

British cities

Liverpool's Albert Docks are home to most of the city's award-winning tourist attractions including the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Museum of Liverpool Life, and of course The Beatle's Story Museum.

British city to visit number 4: York

British cities

With so many attractions and places to visit in and around York, you won't be stuck for places to visit. Thrill-seekers can escapade to the York Dungeons to look into deep into 2000 years of England's darkest times and find out all about York's gruesome history.

British city to visit number 5: Nottingham

British cities

Nottingham is the home to Sherwood Forest, the place where Robin Hood and his Merry Men undertook many adventures. The trees in this forest are some of the oldest in Europe and one of them is an imposing 800 years old!

British city to visit number 6: Oxford

British cities

Oxford is a city bursting with very old history. It is home to England's oldest public museum and most very old university. The city also features lively markets, haunted castles, and a exclusive hotel that was once a jail.

British city to visit number 7: Cambridge

British cities

Oxford is closely rivaled by Cambridge as one of the most established British cities. Cambridge is home to Britain's second oldest university, which was founded in 1209. Tourists can visit the architectural masterpiece of Christ's College, which well-known scientist Charles Darwin attended between 1828 and 1831.

British city to visit number 8: Manchester

British cities

Manchester was once the breeding ground of the trade revolution, and the cotton-making capital of the world. More only just, it is renowned for being a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant nightlife, and home to accept British bands including Take That, The Stone Roses, and Simply Red.

British city to visit number 9: Birmingham

British cities

Birmingham is the UK's second largest city, with a inhabitants of over one million curry-craving Brits. Indeed, Birmingham is well-known for its delicious take on the Balti curry and has formally become the curry capital after winning the Curry Capital of Britain competition.

British city to visit number 10: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

British cities

Newcastle is home to the iconic Angel of the North statuette, which shot into the international public eye in 2008 and has since been visited by over 150 000 tourists per year. The statue was designed by Antony Gormley and is a true British icon.


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